Managing Your Time and Finances as a Model

Financial independence, creative freedom and entrepreneurial knowledge are all skills you gain as a successful cam model. In order to maximize the longevity of your cam career, time and money management are of the utmost importance and sometimes the most difficult skills to learn. So, I am here to give you some tips on how to save and invest to secure your future!

Taking the time to learn about how you can invest your savings is great long-term thinking, whether that may be investing in properties or turning to a financial advisor for guidance.

Time Management is Key

Time management can be a challenge for a lot of entrepreneurs, cam models included, as there isn’t necessarily a manager or anyone standing over your shoulder pushing you to broadcast or motivating you to stay focused on your goals.

It is your responsibility to motivate yourself and with the help of advanced scheduling, you are able to do so by establishing a routine. This will help you take your camming career more seriously, not to mention letting viewers know when you’ll be online so they can plan accordingly.

Distractions at home can sometimes get the best of us, but on the flip side, you may also end up overworking yourself. This may seem attractive if you are increasing your earnings drastically, but everyone burns out at some point. Setting up day-to-day and weekly schedules of when to wake up, eat/prep meals, work out, as well as spend time with friends and family are all key elements that will keep you grounded in your routine.

Determine Your Schedule

When sorting out what days, times and show lengths to do, peak hours should definitely be taken into consideration! With some experimentation, you’ll be able to figure out what hours are the most profitable for you on cam and you can create a schedule based on that.

Make sure not to forget to schedule time for yourself, whether that is a fun hobby you enjoy or just time to take a nap and a break. It can be very refreshing and keep your energy levels high throughout your broadcasts.

Budgeting Money Properly

Camming is definitely not “easy” money but with time and dedication it can definitely lead to big money, which in turn means added responsibilities! The first step to outlining a budget and defining your goals is to list your expenses and keep track of them.

Once you start keeping track of your expenses, make sure to go through them monthly and identify what may have been wasteful. The goal here is to be spending less than what you are making, while being able to save.

It is important to have income goals to stay motivated as a cam model. Some models set daily goals while others set weekly goals. Setting daily goals will help you keep a consistent schedule. Once you reach your goal … that doesn’t necessarily mean stop; anything excess is considered a bonus.

Setting Income Goals

Each model has different incomes, but it is recommended that you save around 5 to 25 percent of your earnings. The general rule of thumb and goal is to save at least 15 percent of every payout. Of course, this is all dependent on your needs and the money that you make every month.

Setting timelines and minimum payout amounts are great ways to keep your finances organized and make sure you are hitting the financial goals you have set out for yourself.

Stay realistic and keep in mind that when you first start out, you may be making on average $15 to $30 per hour, but once the hours and hard work are put in, you will increase earnings and become more confident on cam as well.

If you’re putting in the hours but continue to have problems pulling in money, set a time goal (this might work better in the beginning). The second you find yourself feeling frustrated, just log off and refresh! We all have bad days, but you will surely have great ones as well.

Plan Ahead and Save

If you do not already have a savings account, get one! It’s another added tool to help you stay on top of your finances and once you have saved up larger amounts, there are opportunities for interest to be gained on it. Taking the time to learn about how you can invest your savings is great long-term thinking, whether that may be investing in properties or turning to a financial advisor for guidance.

Along with all of the freedom of being your own boss, comes the responsibility of handling your financials, advertisement and marketing, building reputation and scheduling your time. That’s why every dollar should be accounted for, so you aren’t spending money on items or luxuries that don’t benefit you long-term.

While you are being responsible and controlling your expenses, it’s still important to enjoy the money you are making … just set some boundaries and limitations. Personally, any job I have ever maintained, I make a point to put aside a small amount of each paycheck for a personal vacation. Figure out what makes you happy and don’t forget to treat yourself!

Vicki Gray is a CAM4 account manager, who can be followed @VickiGrayxxx on Twitter and contacted by email at

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