Making Your Cam Profile Stand Out

Let’s assume you have indeed thought of ways to generate more income as a cam model: boosting your social media, hosting exclusive shows, etc. These things work perfectly when you have loyal followers, but do you really know how to satisfy existing fans and receive new ones?

Most cam models focus on getting users to their room instead of making a polished profile that can effectively convert them into fans. The formula of success is simple: ensure it will be love at first sight when a user goes through your profile. Moreover, improving your profile can save you tons of time in the future. Hundreds of questions devoted to your kinks, tastes and even color of shoes you have can be easily answered by directing users to explore your profile.

First Things First

Believe it or not, your average user doesn't like spending time browsing through thousands of models. When they log on, they look for the simplest solution — finding someone who meets their f…

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Managing Your Time and Finances as a Model

Financial independence, creative freedom and entrepreneurial knowledge are all skills you gain as a successful cam model. In order to maximize the longevity of your cam career, time and money management are of the utmost importance and sometimes the most difficult skills to learn. So, I am here to give you some tips on how to save and invest to secure your future!

Taking the time to learn about how you can invest your savings is great long-term thinking, whether that may be investing in properties or turning to a financial advisor for guidance.

Time Management is Key

Time management can be a challenge for a lot of entrepreneurs, cam models included, as there isn’t necessarily a manager or anyone standing over your shoulder pushing you to broadcast or motivating you to stay focused on your goals.

It is your responsibility to motivate yourself and with the help of advanced scheduling, you are able to do so by establishing a routine. Thi…

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How to Avoid Germs in the Makeup Chair

Unsanitary makeup can lead to a ton of issues such as eye infections, flu and colds, E. coli and even staph infections.

Getting your makeup done for a cam session or photoshoot can feel like a glamorous experience. You get to sit in the makeup artist’s chair like the muse you are as they airbrush your skin to perfection, highlight your cheekbones for the gods and contour every curve of your face into a work of art. One thing you may not be thinking about as you sit there getting pampered is whether the makeup and tools have been sanitized, and that can be a dangerous mistake.

Most professional makeup artists are very careful about this, sanitizing their products meticulously after every single client. I have been on dozens of content shoots and nine times out of ten, the artist’s kits have been immaculate. There was one shoot, however, where the artist pulled out her kit and my inner makeup artist nearly passed out. Her brushes where dirty, several of th…

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Vote For Your Favorite Cam Model

Top 100 Cam Models. Vote for them now!Help your favorite reach the top! You can give more points after 5 minutes in Private.

What are the Awards?Awards are designed to reward our most appreciated Models. The Awards contest takes place every week and each contest lasts for 7 days. Every member may vote on their favorite Model.

How can I vote in the Awards?You can vote through the following places:- Awards listpage- Model's live stream by clicking on the trophy icon.

How many times can I vote in the Awards?You can vote only once a day per Model

How many points can I give to a Model in the Awards?- 1 point: If you did not purchase a package in the last month.- 100 points: If you purchased a package in the last month.- 300 points: You can vote on a Model with 300 points in total after spending 5 minutes with them in Private Chat.

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Marketing Yourself in the Cam World

To build a huge audience you have to explore, be inventive and see yourself as more than just a performer, because you are now your own brand.

The camming industry is growing at a rapid pace and becoming more and more competitive, especially over the last few years. In order to become a top earner in the industry, you need to be focused and treat camming like you would any other career choice.

You’ve got to take it seriously and put in the effort in order to see results, because it’s a fast-moving business where you need to work smart to succeed. But, with that said, camming can be a lot of fun and there is a lot of freedom that comes with this entrepreneurial line of work.

To build a huge audience you have to explore, be inventive and see yourself as more than just a performer, because you are now your own brand. Be creative to make yourself stand out and be memorable!

Getting Yourself Set Up:

First off, once you have picke…

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7 Non-Sexual Ways to Turn Cam Members On

When it comes to camming, getting naked and masturbating shouldn’t be the only goal.

Believe it or not, there are some pretty simple ways to turn yourself and your members on that don’t involve the obvious solutions.

So, without further ado, here are seven methods for making viewers crave you in a non-sexual way — try them in your next cam show and you will see!

“Thank you” is expected for every tip you receive. But saying ”I like you,” makes the member feel like he’s with his best friend and you enjoy his presence in the room. Saying ”I love you” might send out the wrong signals, but liking someone and hearing that someone likes you and appreciates you is a good feeling to get.Smile when the member enters the room and mention his screen name. This makes him feel like you’re happy to see him, you’re still attracted to him and missed your time apart, whether short or long. So, keep remembering your best members by name.Offer private compliments jus…
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Making Offline Time as Profitable as Online Camming

Many models assume that their working hours end when the cam show does. The highest-tier of cam models knows otherwise.

There are more models than ever signing up for camming. Even aside from the global requirements to work-from-home, sign-ups in the adult cam industry snowballed in recent years - many new people are looking for the same income cam models have long known about. Yet if a performer wants to continue to pay the bills and generate extra income, they need to hold and grow their audience.

In an era of massive competition, there are a few essential strategies to keep in your toolkit - or make-up bag, if you like. The primary one, of course, is the emotional connection you nurture with your fans. A bond that may ensure a robust relationship with your audience is one of the most critical strengths you have. Without that, your fans might easily drift to another room.

Many models assume that their working hours end when the cam show does.…

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Stripchat Offers Free Private Cam Sessions to All New Members

Effective immediately, Stripchat will offer 320 free tokens, the equivalent to a ten-minute private session, to all new users.

Users may redeem the tokens for a session with the performer of their choice. Stripchat announced the initiative, a rep notes, to "help millions of people [who] remain quarantined and bolster the finances of models who cannot travel due to coronavirus restrictions."

Max Bennet, VP of new media for Stripchat, hopes to "provide a new stimulus to the adult industry."

"There are millions of people who need companionship right now," he explained, "and we are allowing them to dive into a free virtual date with a model on our platform. We’re subsidizing both models and fans in the interest of saving the adult community."

Direct inquiries to with the subject line "COVID" for instructions on how to register and participate.

"With millions of people unable to go outside, the industry is …

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Managing Fan Messages and Comments on Social Media

A simple like on a comment, quick emoji response or ‘thank you!’ can go a long way to building stronger relationships with your followers.

Social media outlets are a useful and safe-for-work tool connecting you with your fans. You are able to show off your personality and hobbies to your existing fans, while attracting the interest of new viewers! When first trying to grow your fan base, social media DMs can be used to network and connect followers in the hope of gaining long-time and loyal viewers, though managing your time is key to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

As your follower accounts grow, you will see more direct messages coming into your social media inboxes, which is a great indication that you are doing things right! This means that your fans are genuine and interested in engaging with you and wanting to have a real conversation. As we all know, every now and again you’ll get those pesky dick pics. Filter through and pay no mind, unless it’s one …

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Be Silly, Be Yourself and Don’t Be Afraid on Cam

The more we are ourselves, the happier, more realistic and relatable we become.

"Just plug in a webcam and you too can be a successful cam model," they say. But ask any cam model and they’ll tell you it’s not that easy. Camming today also isn’t what it used to be many years ago. There’s now a lot of technology out there that can make your shows look better or add elements of interactivity.

Just buy what the popular models have and it’ll work, right? They seem to have the best laptops, DSLR and capture card for webcams, studio lights, etc. and the list goes on. Or do they? The costs can be staggering to get the best of everything the top models have. Also, without a proper understanding of the tech you are buying, or having good tech strategy from a trusted friend, this can be an endless money pit without any guarantee of success. In fact, nothing but your determination and consistency can guarantee your success.

Spending all this money with…

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5 Ways to Build Loyalty With Cam Followers

Show your followers that their opinions matter to you by frequently asking for feedback.

In today’s ultra-competitive camming environment, building a loyal fan base is key to your success as a model and if you’re not thinking outside the box, you may be wasting your time.

The average cam site member is exposed to hundreds of models every day. If they don’t have a favorite model, they only use two to three seconds to decide what thumbnail they are clicking on from the front page. Why should they click on your room and not another?

Fortunately, social media and content-selling sites have opened up a world of opportunity, which is why you don’t need a generous budget or exceptional skills to succeed in today’s environment. Models of all sizes now have an equal chance to reach their members and create a loyal fan base over time. Here are a few ways to do that.

It's Never About You

It’s a great ego boost to watch your cam room start…

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Your Real-Life Passions Build Camming Connections

While looks and charisma are a big part of the cam model mystique, many will tell you their fans are often looking for more than just a sexual connection. That’s why it’s important to set yourself apart in a sea of talented models and find new ways to keep your admirers engaged.

One way you can accomplish this is by incorporating your personal interests into your cam shows. Aside from making you more appealing to your target audience, it’s also a great way to turn your career into your passion. The good news is there’s such a huge market for cam performers, you’re likely to find a loyal fan base no matter what your interests are.

The_MILF_Becca, for example, has been a makeup artist for over 10 years and realized she could capitalize on that when she showcased her makeup skills during a series of Halloween shows in 2017. “I went all out with multiple looks, like Jessica Rabbit, glam zombie and a cheetah look. The members went nuts and they were three of …

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Setting Up Your Cam Room for Success

One of our top models recently suggested getting a small plastic container with drawers you can keep nearby so everything is out of sight.

One of the top questions we get from new models is how to set their room up for broadcasting. The key to creating the perfect room is to organize things in a way that is both efficient for you as the model and visually pleasing to your audience. It does take a little trial and error before you can find the set up that works best for you, but here are a few tips to help you get started.

Keep it Clean

This seems like an obvious one, but you would be surprised at how much of a difference cleaning your room up can make in the overall experience of your show. That doesn’t mean you have to scrub things down with a toothbrush or anything, but just doing simple things like keeping your closet doors closed, picking up any trash that is strewn about, and making sure your laundry is put away can make a huge difference.…

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  • 0 Crowns Alena Croft 2020 ‘Model of the Year’ has chosen cam star and adult performer Alena Croft as the site’s "Model of the Year" for 2020.

Every year, presents the title to one top model based on criteria such as earnings, member engagement and use of additional revenue streams.

“It was a close call between the top three models this year, but in the end, Alena took the crown,” enthused Gunner, the platform's director of strategic development. "She embodies everything we look for in a top model: she works hard, she is an outstanding mentor to her fellow performers, and she puts on one hell of a show for her fans! Alena is a prime representative of the amazing models on our site.”

Croft was the top earner in 2019, according to a rep, “thanks to her commitment to camming daily, and her ability to leverage her massive social media following into revenue.”

For more from Alena Croft and, follow them on Twitter.

Source: XBIZ

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How Much to Charge Viewers on Cam

Once you have chosen your tip or flash goal, don’t change it. Changing your goals all the time tells fans that you are not confident in your show - and that will make them feel the same way.

Knowing how much to charge - and clearly stating it in your tip goal and broadcast window - is almost as important as performing your show when it comes to being successful and maximizing your tips. In the world of cam culture, everyone knows that nothing comes for free. In this article, we discuss the balance between charging too much and charging the right amount where both parties get a benefit from the live show.

As most seasoned webcam performers know, the token to money ratio is dependent on the platform you use. Our platform, for example, places 100 tokens to $10 USD while most models are paid out 50 to 70 percent of their earnings. It is advised to shop around to see which platform you will be benefiting from when tokens are being received from fans.

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How to Handle Quiet Chat Rooms on Cam

If your goal is get your chat room excited and active, then you need to reflect the same attitude. Work the camera and work the room!

There is nothing more painful when broadcasting, than a silent cam room. It’s hard on self-confidence, lowers morale and can yield great pressure if you rely on camming for a steady income. Although there is no “quick fix” to the problem, there are definitely techniques that broadcasters can use to help remedy it.

If viewers aren’t chatting, aren’t tipping or you are having a hard time getting viewers into your room, it’s going to result in you not having a good time. And if you aren’t enjoying yourself, viewers will be able to tell and are less inclined to tip you - and the downward spiral continues. If you get into this “funk,” don’t let it deter you from putting in effort for future shows. Stay positive and once you are in a good headspace, you will be able to interact with viewers in a more genuine way.

Make …

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5 Ways to Improve Your Cam Show

There are hundreds of adult cam sites and tens of thousands of cam models, with new ones continuously mushrooming around the globe - all competing for fans’ attention. All this forces a successful model to get more creative.

How do you stand out? Go beyond the traditional cam show; consider using new ways to interact with your audience.

Our stats show that models who regularly come up with new ideas and use their cam platform’s features to the fullest for their shows attract more new attention. They also have higher audience retention than the ones who keep the same routine. Naturally, this has a positive impact on their revenue.

But it’s not just about hosting exclusive shows during Valentine’s Day or having a Fetish Night. In essence, it’s about creating engaging and surprising content, while getting the most out of your platform to share it properly.

Our statistics also show that users value more than just your looks. They want a w…

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Cam World: Working in Colombia

The large studios are making great strides to improve facilities and there are big efforts to maintain a dialogue in Colombia’s cam community

Colombia is going through a time of transformation, and the adult entertainment industry here is following dramatic change.

At least 60 percent of its population has internet access and the number continues to increase. This has helped to expand reach of sexual content and to benefit the cam modeling industry.

In addition, the country’s policies have accepted cam operations, as long as there are no minors involved.

Until a few years ago, cam modeling was done with a whisper. But over the years that has all changed.

There are now thousands of Colombian webcam models who broadcast on various platforms and in private and public shows.

The beauty of the country’s women transcends borders, and their appeal is witnessed 24 hours a day — not only on cam sites but also on social netw…

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Flirt4Free Trumpets ‘Fiesta de Mayo’ Holiday Contest

Flirt4Free will ring in Cinco de Mayo with a raft of prizes and promotions for its annual "Fiesta de Mayo" contest, including the ability to tip performers with "Fiesta Shots." The festivities kick off Friday at 12 midnight (EDT) and conclude May 5 at 11:59 p.m. (EDT).

The Fiesta Shots are "sexy, suggestive shot glasses," a rep explained, adorned with seductive messages like "Bend Over" and "Tease Me."

Cam studs and camgirls will be eligible for prizes that range from $50 to $1,500 by collecting the most Fiesta Shots from unique site members, or by tallying the most Shots overall on the leaderboard.

Prizes will be awarded to the Top 20 models in each sub-contest, up from 10 last year. Throughout "Fiesta de Mayo," users can expect "colorful themed shows, decorations, in-chatroom raffles and 'drinking' games," a rep enthused.

“While there’s so much uncertainty in the world, we’re thrilled to offer our customers a fun, safe, sexy time in…

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ImLive Launches ‘Anti-Dating’ Campaign to Encourage Social Distancing

LONDON - has launched an "anti-dating" promotional campaign to encourage users to stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic. The platform has partnered with Bella Thorne, Riley Reid and others to spread the word and will give away up to $50 million in credits to users who commit to abstaining from dating while self-quarantine orders are in place.

New members can use the credits to purchase private cam sessions with ImLive hosts, a group of whom have filmed a video to trumpet the campaign.

The campaign is using the social media hashtag #stayhomedontdate. Thorne, Reid and other celebs, among them rappers Justina Valentine and Almighty Jay, have committed to publicizing ImLive's efforts.

Almighty Jay was recently dragged in the media for ignoring social distancing guidelines and now supports the cause.

"I got involved with the campaign because I realized that a lot of young folks aren’t taking this pandemic seriously," he s…

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A Guide for Beginner Cam Models

Becoming successful as a cam model depends a lot on the personality of each performer and how well one can connect with viewers and fans alike.

Online, millions of people converse daily, but how does one go about making a truly intimate connection? Is online success based just on nudity or does connectedness play a huge role?

For those looking to become a profitable cam performer, we outline a “How To Guide” on tips and tricks for gaining success and cultivating true connections with your viewers.

Camming Necessities

You are now your own entrepreneurial business, so it’s important to ensure you have the necessities that every performer needs.


Once the basics have been covered, start thinking about additional features that can help make your show even better and have a greater impact. Lighting, sound in which your viewers can hear you and what you wear all play a major role when you pre…

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Chaturbate Broadcaster Lily LaBeau Stars in YouTube Series Trailer

TORONTO - CAMGF1 Productions has released the trailer for their new 10-episode YouTube series “Cam_Girlfriend,” co-starring Chaturbate broadcaster Lily LaBeau.

“Cam_Girlfriend” is described by a rep as “a comedic cinematic sensation that explores romance, technology, connectivity and love, introducing the story of Chloe Cables (LaBeau), a rising cam star, and Mike, her boyfriend.”

Dave Keystone (2018 Canadian Screen Award winner for Best Host of a Web Program) portrays Mike, who “quickly discovers the intricacies of sharing living space with not only Chloe but also her online followers.”

The series’ producers felt that “camming was a fascinating world rich with comedic material for us to explore.”

“It's a place where so much more than just sex happens — friendships are formed, art is expressed, and hilarity occurs daily,” said a rep for the “Cam_Girlfriend” executive producers. “In an increasingly digital world, we realized…

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Sarah Russi to Headline Marathon CAM4 Show Saturday Night

Sarah Russi will headline a CAM4 show Saturday at 5 p.m. (PDT) and plans to stay online as long as her audience demands.

"Being in quarantine doesn’t mean we can’t have a date this Saturday night," Russi enthused. "I hope my fans join the party at CAM4; I will stay until the last man or woman leaves. During this time, I’ve focused on getting things done, but I miss people and sexy time. So let’s be there for each other and be sweet to each other. Let’s turn each other on this Saturday night."

Visit Russi's CAM4 profile here and follow her on Twitter for the latest updates.

Source: XBIZ

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Jessica Starling to Make CamSoda Debut Friday With 2 Shows

TORONTO - "Stunning, naturally busty Canadian starlet" Jessica Starling will make her CamSoda debut Friday with two live shows.

She will headline "five minutes in public chat," a rep said, at 7 p.m. (PDT) followed by a 25-minute Gold Show at 7:30 p.m. "Each show is 100 tokens, or $10.99, but tips are welcome and encouraged. Gold Shows are the hottest ticket in town."

Sign-up is free for a basic CamSoda account; an upgrade to a premium account, at $19.95 per month, includes 200 free tokens.

"I'm excited to make my CamSoda debut and hope my fans are ready for a good time," Starling enthused. "Their platform is very popular, so I’m also hoping to gain even more fans and have full rooms during both my shows on Friday night!"

Visit her CamSoda profile here and follow Starling on Twitter for the latest updates.

Source: XBIZ

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CAM4 Offers Virtual Happy Hour for Fans, Broadcasters

CAM4 has rolled out a "Happy Hour" promotion intended to elevate the user experience while creating a more lucrative opportunity for broadcasters.

According to the company, its "Happy Hour" will be celebrated from 5 to 8 p.m. weekdays in every time zone across America.

During "Happy Hour," CAM4 Gold Members will receive a 10 percent bonus on the purchase of tokens, while basic and guest users will receive 5 percent.

CAM4 is also curating a special talent roster during these time slots. This week, for example, the platform hosted exclusive live performances with Romi Rain and Charlotte Stokely, among others.

“We saw more viewers visiting our site during this time, and we wanted to offer them an incentive to stick around and have a little fun,” says CAM4’s North American Sales Manager James Naughton. “Ultimately, it’s a win-win, as viewers have the chance to connect more intimately with broadcasters via tipping, and broadcasters are get…

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How Cam Models Are Finding Freedom in Cryptocurrency

Traditional payment platforms can get spooked by sex work — so online performers are moving into the high-tech realm of digital currency

Two years ago, Gabi was struggling to maintain a career in the adult industry. She worked long hours streaming live as a cam model and producing video content for her online audience, but the job didn’t seem to be paying off.

Since most major credit cards and payment platforms won’t process payments for adult services, including live-streamed erotic content, cam models like Gabi have to use specialized platforms to stream live shows and process payments from fans. Unfortunately, these sites can be extremely competitive, and some use ranking systems to determine models’ visibility on the site based on their time spent online.

“The longer you spend online without making any money, the lower your ranking drops,” Gabi says. “That puts you in a position where you literally have to work for free for days and days an…

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CAM4 Expands Programs, Support to Help Broadcasters During Quarantine

LOS ANGELES - CAM4 has announced a series of initiatives to enhance payouts and broadcaster support during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

“As a direct response to the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, CAM4 is rallying its resources to increase opportunities across the site by amping up payout and broadcaster support structure,” said a rep.

Payouts, according to the rep, have “continued to occur as normal, and CAM4 has doubled the frequency of SEPA payouts in the E.U.”

“Everyone’s at home and surfing the web until further notice," the rep said. "Why not take advantage of increased traffic and more eyes online!”

CAM4 is particularly looking for broadcasters with “an innovative theme” to their performances.

“Reach a wider audience with your innovative broadcasts!” the rep added. “CAM4 is looking to feature themed content including fitness yoga, ASMR, gaming, cosplay, naked cooking and more.”

To take full advantage of …

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Cam Models: How to Clean Your Sex Toys

Leaving any type of moisture on your freshly cleaned toys can create a breeding ground for other bacteria and even mold.

Taking care of your sexual health is one of the most important forms of self-care there is. For cam models, part of that means cleaning your sex toys after every camming session. It may sound tedious, but keep in mind that these are going inside your body.

Without proper care and maintenance, you could be exposing your most sensitive body parts to a ton of unpleasant germs and bacteria, which can wreak havoc on not only your health, but your job.

Fewer things are more frustrating than not being able to work because you have a UTI or yeast infection that could have easily been prevented. So, just how do you approach this daunting but totally necessary task?

Get to Know Your Toys

When it comes to keeping things clean, the devil is in the details, so make sure you know everything about your toys before you ge…

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VR Companies Report Uptick in Viewership Since Dawn of Social Distancing

LOS ANGELES — Sector specialists like VR Bangers and studios that offer virtual experiences like Erika Lust’s XConfessions are reporting an increase in demand since the advent of social distancing protocols caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Technology is really saving our lives during lockdown times," Lust told Lindsay Dodgson, a reporter for news site Insider. "People are consuming more adult content lately and I believe that at some point they may be longing for something more interactive and more liberating than 2D porn."

Insider also interviewed Daniel Abramovich, the CEO and co-founder of VR Bangers, who said his company had seen a 30 percent growth in sales since the coronavirus lockdown began, because "people are going crazy at home."

"VR Porn actually gives you the opportunity to get transferred into a different part of the world," Abramovich added. "We have experiences in the woods, in hair salons, hospitals, restaurants, other countri…

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FSC Updates COVID-19 Advisory for Adult Industry Production

LOS ANGELES — The industry trade group Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has updated their COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, advisory statement for adult industry production.

This is the FSC statement:

While we know of no cases of the coronavirus among the adult industry, and while the number of cases in major production hubs such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Miami remain low, we are asking the adult industry to be extremely vigilant about symptoms and tolerant of those who choose not to shoot.

This is a difficult time for both performers and producers, and we know that many are concerned not only about the virus, but about lost income in the event of a long production hold. FSC is consulting with performers, producers, and other industry stakeholders to discuss strategies and concerns, and provide real-world guidance as to how to best proceed.

We are not yet calling a production hold in the adult industry, but performers and producers…

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New York Times Examines Sex Workers and Camming During Quarantine

NEW YORK — The New York Times (NYT) has published a report examining how sex workers are coping with the social isolation mandates caused by the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The story by Gabrielle Drolet, titled “Sex Work Comes Home,” leads with Oregon stripper Kelpie Heart, one of many offline sex workers that entered the world of live camming in the past month. Heart recently signed up for CamSoda.

“As 16 million people in the United States have applied for unemployment benefits in the last three weeks, a rush of people like Ms. Heart have sought new work performing in sexually explicit live broadcasts,” the NYT explained. “And, as nearly half the world is under some form of stay-at-home orders, people who do this work are also seeing a large growth in customers.”

CamSoda VP Daryn Parker told the NYT that “there had been a 37 percent increase in new model sign-ups this March, compared to last March.” ManyVids’ Bella French told the paper that t…

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ManyVids Offers Quarantine Tips for Stay-At-Home Fun

MONTREAL — ManyVids has released a set of tips for coping with the challenges and isolation of being quarantined during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

While social distancing and stay-at-home directives remain in effect during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the company, it’s essential to make the best of the situation — for good mental health and to keep growing and learning as a person — by finding ways to keep busy, learn new skills and have fun during this time.

“To this end, the MV Team has put together a list of things to do to make sure you’re thriving, getting stuff done and enjoying this time of being housebound as much as you can,” said a company rep, who notes that these tips will be part of an ongoing conversation on the MV Blog.

The initial round of tips from ManyVids follows:

Working OutReach your fitness goals, avoid cabin fever, and get into optimal shape by starting a new daily at-home fitness routine. There are m…

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Global Lockdown a Boon for Romania’s Adult Live Cam Providers

Those working in Romania’s booming adult live cam industry say client numbers and job applications have soared since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alexandra Manole spent three years working as an adult live cam ‘model’ in Romania before striking out alone with a colleague in 2017.

Their company, Studio 20 Double D, was ticking along nicely, but then COVID-19 struck and Manole was flooded with job applications and new clients.

“Applications increased by 100 per cent and the number of users doubled,” Manole told BIRN.

“Ours is a business that works in a situation like this.”

Romania is a global leader in adult live camming.

With much of the world under orders to stay at home to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, traffic to adult sites is growing. And the US, which accounts for the biggest share of the audience, is only now starting to lock down fully.

“The whole industry, including our compa…

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Business booming for cam girls amid coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus isn’t the only thing causing temperatures to rise across the globe — cam girls are, too.

Business is booming for sexy solo performers as millions of holed-up horndogs look to relieve their outbreak anxiety, XXX workers say.

“If you’re trying to sell porn, having the entire country cooped up at home with nothing to do is kind of a dream scenario,” said Los Angeles-based porn star Kate Kennedy.

Kennedy, 25, opened an account a week ago on the site OnlyFans, where users pay $10 a month to watch her perform sex acts, fold laundry nude and brush her teeth.

She said she’s up to 100 subscribers and has made four figures in tips and fees - about what she typically made in a month.

“Cam girls and content creators are doing business like crazy,” Kennedy said.

Miami-based Joslyn Jane — who hawks sexy solo videos and partner performances on OnlyFans and sells others for $5.99 to $32 on the site ManyVids — said she …

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