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Making Your Cam Profile Stand Out

Let’s assume you have indeed thought of ways to generate more income as a cam model: boosting your social media, hosting exclusive shows, etc. These things work perfectly when you have loyal followers, but do you really know how to satisfy existing fans and receive new ones?

Most cam models focus on getting users to their room instead of making a polished profile that can effectively convert them into fans. The formula of success is simple: ensure it will be love at first sight when a user goes through your profile. Moreover, improving your profile can save you tons of time in the future. Hundreds of questions devoted to your kinks, tastes and even color of shoes you have can be easily answered by directing users to explore your profile.

First Things First

Believe it or not, your average user doesn't like spending time browsing through thousands of models. When they log on, they look for the simplest solution — finding someone who meets their f…

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Managing Your Time and Finances as a Model

Financial independence, creative freedom and entrepreneurial knowledge are all skills you gain as a successful cam model. In order to maximize the longevity of your cam career, time and money management are of the utmost importance and sometimes the most difficult skills to learn. So, I am here to give you some tips on how to save and invest to secure your future!

Taking the time to learn about how you can invest your savings is great long-term thinking, whether that may be investing in properties or turning to a financial advisor for guidance.

Time Management is Key

Time management can be a challenge for a lot of entrepreneurs, cam models included, as there isn’t necessarily a manager or anyone standing over your shoulder pushing you to broadcast or motivating you to stay focused on your goals.

It is your responsibility to motivate yourself and with the help of advanced scheduling, you are able to do so by establishing a routine. Thi…

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How to Avoid Germs in the Makeup Chair

Unsanitary makeup can lead to a ton of issues such as eye infections, flu and colds, E. coli and even staph infections.

Getting your makeup done for a cam session or photoshoot can feel like a glamorous experience. You get to sit in the makeup artist’s chair like the muse you are as they airbrush your skin to perfection, highlight your cheekbones for the gods and contour every curve of your face into a work of art. One thing you may not be thinking about as you sit there getting pampered is whether the makeup and tools have been sanitized, and that can be a dangerous mistake.

Most professional makeup artists are very careful about this, sanitizing their products meticulously after every single client. I have been on dozens of content shoots and nine times out of ten, the artist’s kits have been immaculate. There was one shoot, however, where the artist pulled out her kit and my inner makeup artist nearly passed out. Her brushes where dirty, several of th…

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